I’m Lauren Miller (she/her), the face behind Mama Miller Doula Services. I’m a certified Postpartum Doula gratefully serving on traditional Anishinaabek and Haudenosaunee lands also belonging to Métis and First Peoples from nations across Turtle Island. Currently named the Kingston and Gananoque communities.

Photo courtesy of Kendra Deen

I am a mom of two precious beings and going through two completely different birth and postpartum experiences is part of what led me onto this journey supporting folx during this tender transition. The remaining part is noticing the sheer lack of support after birth within our society. I strive to be a vital part of the village that should surround each one of us.

“We don’t have to do it alone. We were never meant to.”

– Brené Brown

My role as your Postpartum Doula is to help guide you through the first days, months, or even the whole first year after baby is born. I support individuals and families of all shapes including, but not limited, to LGBTQIA+ parents, surrogate persons, preemie parents, adoptive parents, intended parents, and parents experiencing pregnancy or infant loss. Every person and family deserves to be supported through postpartum journey with kindness, knowledge, humour, and compassion no matter the birth outcome.

My family would say that I’d be the calmest person in a hurricane (Unless I’m in immediate danger)

Photo Courtesy of Kendra Deen

I am a Doula because I want to empower families to take on this transition and feel successful in their postpartum journey. I work to create a quirky umbrella that wraps each family in individualized support and I believe in the simplicity of chats, the power of laughter, and the importance of tears.

What support looks like to you will vary greatly from the next person. Please take a moment to check out Mama Miller services and if you have questions or if you’re ready to book your free consultation using the button below!

Statement of Anti-Racism

Mama Miller Doula Services takes pride in our inclusive approach to supporting individuals and families. However, we must deeply apologise for our silence when it comes to Black lives, as well as other social injustices. We believe in using our voice to stand with our Black community and we are beyond ashamed of our blindness when it comes to the depth of racism in society. Our mission is to support individuals and families from all communities. In order to do so in a anti-racist mannor, we will be taking actionable steps to do better.

It’s not enough to realize our white privilege or to simply share information on our platforms. Mama Miller Doula Services is committed to life-long learning and unlearning about racism, the reach of white supremacy, and what we can do to put an end to it all. Mama Miller Doula Services will continue to strive to provide services that are inclusive, anti-racist, and equitable. 

We have signed the Anti-Racist Small Business Pledge through a townhall produced by Rachel Rodgers of HelloSeven. Find the replay here: helloseven.co/townhall. The pledge has 5 components:

  1. Name what supremacy and the impact of racism on both our personal and professional lives.
  2. Engage in anti-rasist education for me and my team.
  3. Commit to open-conflict and allow discomfort.
  4. Invest a portion of my monthly company budget to the Black community.
  5. Express my sincere, long-term commitment to becoming an anti-rasist organization.

This statement is the first formal step to bring our pledge to light so that you (our community, clients, friends, family) can hold us accountable. Feedback, resources, questions, and concerns will always be welcomed and will help us to address our mistakes, which are bound to happen as we continue to learn and grow. 

Further steps towards anti-racism within Mama Miller Doula Services include:

>Decolonizing our lending library of birth and postpartum books and resources.

>Diversifying our social media feeds and website to include more Black, POC, Indigenious, and LGBTQ2S voices and images.

>Completing Race, Gender, & Gynecology course from Allbodies.

>Completing Systemic Racism/ Implicit Bias in Perinatal Health virtual workshop by Rebirthequity.

>Teaching our children about racism and diversifying their media.

>Continuing to amplify BIPOC voices.  

>Actively sourcing BIPOC services and paying for them.

>Donating to organizations that invest in the BIPOC community.

>Joining Doula Support Foundation in order to provide doula services to low income families within our community.

>Voting for policies that promote community health, education, and equality wherever possible.

>Signing petitions for action, change, and support.

>continual anti-racism education.

Furthermore, racism will not be tolerated personally by Lauren Miller, or professionally by Mama Miller Doula services. While healthy conversations will be supported, hurtful comments, racism, or hate speech of any kind will be deleted, blocked, and reported on social media. Discriminatory or racist client remarks will end in termination of any contracted services with Mama Miller Doula

With love, laughter, and zero tolerance for discrimination and hate,

Lauren Miller

Featured Image Courtesy of Kendra Deen.